More people have chosen J.G. Wentworth than any other company to help them turn their future structured settlement and annuity payments into cash now.

Since 1992, we’ve provided personalized solutions to more than 50,000 customers in need of cash for their future payment streams. We are the industry leader in converting structured settlement payments into a lump sum of cash.

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Structured Settlement &
Annuity Payment Purchasing

Hate to wait for payments? Need cash now?

Need money for a down payment on a house or apartment? Cash for a new car? A lump sum to pay off bills or go back to school? It’s YOUR money, to use as YOU choose.

Let one of our representatives help you gain access to all or a portion of your structured settlement payments. You decide how much. We’ll do the rest.

About J.G. Wentworth

Get one lump sum of cash. Use it as you choose.

J.G. Wentworth is the industry leader in providing customers the opportunity to receive a lump sum of cash for all or a portion of their future payments. Let one of our representatives provide you with the information you need to make the best decision to meet your financial needs.

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It's not a loan, so there's no debt.

Converting future payments with J.G. Wentworth is not like taking a loan. Instead, you’re simply getting the money that already belongs to you. J.G. Wentworth purchases future payments from you now, allowing you to get the money you need sooner. So there’s no interest to pay back over time.

Just one payment. And no debt.

No credit card advance regret.

Getting a cash advance or using those blank checks from the credit card companies may sound like a good idea. But that option may come with hefty interest rates, costing you more money in the end when you must repay the cash advance. With J.G. Wentworth, there are no hidden costs, fees or interest rates.

With J.G. Wentworth you are free of recurring debt or credit card regret!

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No loan, no debt, no credit card advance regret…J.G. Wentworth can give you something to sing about! Check out our lively ads to sing along with Hawaiian fire-spinners, German beer hall revelers, and New York City hipsters and see how J.G. Wentworth can help you get cash now.

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